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I have shown and sold work at exhibitions in The Egg Café, The 08 Place,
The Contemporary Urban centre and through Dot-Art (see gallery via the logo above).



I have a fascination with architectural styles, graphical urban elements and the details of nature.

My urban photographs are taken with the end product in mind, but on-screen filters and enhancements are used to bring the vision to life, highlighting the tiniest details and almost turning some images into geometric abstracts. With others, I use layers of fading and colour to drag the buildings out from their natural environment to create a world of vivid illusion.

New York will always be a favourite for my work, but Sydney, Melbourne, Barcelona, Chamonix, Havana and Edinburgh also have a major role. And of course, my home town of Liverpool, with it's iconic waterfront and stunning skyline which has undergone a major metamorphosis since I returned home in 2001.




Three Graces, two cathedrals, and one amazing city. Not to mention the Mersey, the docks, theatres, the list goes on.

Liverpool has plenty to point a camera at.

New York

New York; the City that kick-started my love of photography. A cornucopia of iconic architecture.

When it comes to places in the World I'd love to live for a while, New York has to be near the top of the list.


Sydney, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. What's not to love?

And then there's Melbourne, the wildlife, and the magnificently retro Luna Parks in all their grinning glory.